Musician, hunter, and agriculturist are just a few of the facets of Jimmy Herman.  Growing up on a dairy farm in West Central Wisconsin, Jimmy began playing fiddle at age four, for which he won several national old-time fiddle championships over consecutive years, and was playing in bands by the time he was seven.  He later took up the guitar, developing his captivating stage presence by playing in top 40 and classic rock bands through high school.  Touring with Carrie Underwood since 2008, Jimmy has performed on the Grammys, ACM and CMA Awards; on Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Good Morning America, Ellen, American Idol, and Saturday Night Live; as well as on stage with Steven Tyler, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and more.  He also works as a singer/songwriter and session player.  

Jimmy has been featured in several publications not only for music but also his passion for hunting.  From hunting whitetails in Wisconsin at age twelve to bowhunting to feed his family now, Jimmy sees hunting as a way of life.  He has been training as a hunter consistently for over fourteen years and has taken numerous impressive North American Big Game animals across the country.  "Training is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to hunting.  I train so I am in the best shape possible and can stand against any elements that are barriers between me and successfully harvesting an animal," Jimmy says.  He even studied, trained, and became a certified taxidermist through the American Institute of Taxidermy, winning several awards for his high quality and detailed taxidermy work.  "I hunt because I love the hunt.  I love the challenge.  I love the beauty in the animals," he says. A busy and creative life on tour combined with the solitude of the outdoors and focus on his mission there keep Jimmy balanced.  Whether he's playing Royal Albert Hall in London or hunting in the mountains, Jimmy Herman gives every moment his best.