Weber Featured Artist

As November's Weber Fine Acoustics Featured Artist , I had the opportunity to share thoughts on some of my favorite Weber gear, tell stories about my career, and show how I combine my passions for music and hunting. Here is a sample of what we talked about:

Weber: Where to start…you’re a multi-instrumentalist on tour with Carrie Underwood and an avid hunter but what do people not know about Jimmy Herman? 

Jimmy Herman: Well, here are a few randoms that a lot of people may not know.  I grew up near a small town in Western Wisconsin called, Pleasantville.  I started playing fiddle at age 4.  I cut my teeth on polkas and old-time fiddle tunes that I would play in my dad's band.  Was President of my FFA chapter.  I'm a certified taxidermist and had a full-on shop in Wisconsin that I owned and operated until I moved to Nashville.  I believe I am one of the only people in Nashville that actually owns and plays a Hurdy Gurdy. 

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