12 Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again!  The tree is up, the stockings are hung, and the kids have visited Santa in hopes that the elves know exactly what model of toys to build them this year.  The combination of scented candles burning and fresh Christmas cookies out of the oven brings back memories and fills our hearts.  This is a time of bringing one another together and filling the atmosphere with joy, peace, and love.  

This is also a time of year to spread love and bring joy to others like your friends, neighbors, and even strangers.  The smallest act of kindness towards someone could be one of their biggest blessings.  So, I have decided to celebrate this year's "12 Days of Christmas" by spreading warmth to those who are cold, bring cheer to those who may be struggling to find joy due to unfortunate circumstances, and pouring love on those who have hardened or callused hearts.  

I challenge YOU to take part in the next "12 Days of Christmas" by remembering that amidst wish lists, errands, and indulgences, this is a season to put ourselves aside.  Each day I'll be suggesting a specific way to touch the hearts of those around you, big and small, from a phone call to someone who could use a listening ear to a donation to a local charity, and I invite you to participate with me.  

Check back each day for the next 12 days, and please encourage others by sharing your stories of giving, sharing, and loving in the comments for each post.