Twelve Days of Christmas - Give Money

Today's goal is to give money to someone who needs it (friend, family, charity, or stranger).  Give money to them directly or anonymously by putting it on their front porch, or sliding it under their door.  So many people need even the smallest bit of help this season, and such a selfless gift goes further than just what it's used for. 

John does guitar repair work and is having surgery that won't allow him to work until March.  He's a great guy and it's probably very hard to for him to ask for money to pay bills, but he did it and I feel like he needs it more than I do. God wants us to give to those that need it, not to ask how they're going to use it or give only under certain circumstances.  We're not to judge.  Only to give to those that need it if we as Christians have it to give.

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