Test Drive: Predator Camo in Idaho

I've spent the last week in the mountains of Idaho bowhunting elk and had perfect situations to put my Predator Camo through the ringer.   It is amazing how well Predator patterns work in the western states.  The 3D Deception is a perfect pattern for hunting in open areas covered by sage brush.  The Green Deception pattern works great in heavy timber found on the mountains as well as any terrain populated with any pine.  I also used the Green Deception in the swampy bottoms where the elk tend to hide with tall willows.  The Brown Deception is a great pattern for any western terrain.  It works great from everything from heavy timber to sage brush all the way down to the bottom in the wetlands.   I even wore different patterns in combination with each other to break up my outline even more at times.  

Here's a look at Predator Camo at work:

Predator is also the most athletic fit clothing that I have ever worn on any hunt in the past.  It breathes, it's warm, and it isn't restrictive.  Predator Camo is the toughest all around product that I have ever used.  Learn more at PredatorCamo.com.