Next Level Training with Training Mask

We are reaching the tail end of Summer and we outdoors enthusiasts want to take in as much as we can by getting our hiking, running, and training on while the hot sun shines.  What would we do without our merino wool?  We would be a sweaty mess of uncomfortableness!  If you love your Minus33 as much as I do, then you're probably wearing it right now.  It keeps the body thermoregulated and wicks away that nasty sweat almost immediately so we can keep up the pace throughout our adventures and workouts.  

I'm a fitness junkie like a lot of you are and we all get bored of the same routine.  Changing it up whether it be our surroundings or trying different exercises, it's a challenge at times to maintain motivation to keep pushing ourselves.  Well if you're looking for a way to change things up, here is something that will definitely hit you hard in the ticker and will make that, what used to be monotonous trail run or gym workout not so boring anymore. 

Jimmy mountain bow pred green.jpg

Being an avid hunter, I hunt a lot in the west and to prepare of the elevation up in the mountains; I like to train with a Training Mask (  What that is, is an elevation simulator.  By the use of interchangeable valves, the mask limits the amount of oxygen you take in with each breath.  Therein, simulating what a normal breath would be like anywhere from 3,000ft all the way up to an excess of 17,000+ ft above sea level. 

At first, just putting the mask on and taking normal breaths may be alarming, but just get used to walking around the house with it on for a few days.  Trust me, once you get used to how it fits and getting your breathing down; you will be running the trails and running sprints on the treadmill while wearing this thing.. And LOVING IT! 


It's the closest thing to actually living in high elevation that I have found yet.  You're heart and lungs will thank you for the workout and you will find that running that 10 mile route or hiking that mountain will get easier after training with the Training Mask for a couple of months.  


Go faster, work harder, live stronger, and...... #JUSTBREATHE