Stonehenge!!??? Where's my mandolin?

As we approached into the rural fields of  Salisbury, on the left side of the road I see a large pig farm with gigantic pigs milling around in the mud from hut to hut.  The odor grew very familiar to me and brought back many memories of the good ole days on the farm in WI when the wind would blow just right on the days that the neighbor would be spreading pig manure with the big tanker trucks.  

With pigs on one side of the road, I pan over to the right to find a large open field, fenced off probably about 80 acres with sheep grazing all through the grass.  And wait.. What is that in the distance!?  From where we were driving it looked like some tiny bird eggs sticking out of the ground in a huge open field.   Is it?  It can't be!  There?   Yep!  STONEHENGE!  

Stonehenge sits right in the middle of a relatively flat, wide open field area; far from any coastal area and far from any hill country.  So how and why in the world would anyone bring these massive, massive rocks and build this here!?   I guess that's just one of the million mysteries of the 5,000 year old structure.  

We took a shuttle from the very commercialized building and parking area that was developed on the opposite side of our approach in to Stonehenge and we walked about half way around the stones.   I'm not sure what I had expected to see before I got there.  Maybe some little people dancing around an 18" structure like something out of "Spinal Tap" or maybe Merlin the magician casting some spells in the center of the landmark.  There was no Excalibur, no white horses and knights in armor guarding the stones, and there weren't any barbarians resembling Schwarzenegger conquering any goulish wizards.   But..  It sure was pretty freaking awesome to see!  And something that old, that heavy, with so many unknowns about it right in front of my eyes!

I couldn't help but yell in my worst English accent, "STONEHENGE!!!!"

I wish I had brought my mandolin!!